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I drew another picture! This dragon’s name is Spitfire. She is blind. The picture itself was drawn on GIMP and took about six hours, give or take. I used a mouse, although I may be buying a graphics tablet soon. This picture, unlike all my others, has correct layer use.

Baby Chickens

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A few weeks ago, my leghorn cross hen, Princess hatched three baby chickens. A fourth egg did not fare well. It was set on late, and due to hatch three days later than the others. Princess attacked the egg, and I got the egg and tried to look after the chick. It was yellow. The poor thing died on night three.
Unfortunately, Princess then attacked one of her Barred Rock Plymouth chicks a week later. Little chick died that night.
But I’ve still got two little chickens, a brown mix-breed, and a Barred Rock Plymouth. I hand-feed them. They’re vey cute.

My Cockatiels

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On January 25th I bought two more cockatiels, although only expecting one ;)

I have now got Vorrtex, a normal grey, and Tia, a normal grey-split-pied. They are very sweet. When I get them, they were young, about two months old. I got them from a breeder, and I think they are siblings. Vorrtex recently started singing and whistling.





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Yesterday I brought Summer out of his aviary and took him into my room. He stepped up onto my shoulder and stayed there and preened my hair for half an hour. He then started chewing on my shirt. I am cuurentlt trying to teach him some simple tricks; nodding, targeting and waving. He likes to pull on the orange hair-tie that I wear around my right wrist, and if he is on my left shoulder, he will climb across my neck to get to it. He chirps quietly, but can whistle and scream. Whenever my phone rings, which is often, he will stop whatever it is he is doing and listen intently, even if he is eating.

Summer #2

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Summer finally came out of his aviary! I got him to step up onto my hand, which he does very well now, and then I moved him out of the cage slowly. I let him step onto my shoulder, but he soon wanted to ‘flap his wings.’ I let him hop around for a little, but before he could hurt himself I had to return him to his aviary. Picking him up to put him back in the aviary was no easy task, and he bit me twice, hard, and it hurt. He was not very happy with me, and this morning he didn’t screech when I was leaving for school like he usually does. But I am sure that he still likes me, because he spreads his wing and foot at the same time, a sign of affection.

I would post pictures, but I don’t seem to have enough space… Bother, If I want more space I have to pay MONEY. Real money, just to post a picture… ridiculous in my opinion.

Summer my Cockatiel

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One month ago, I got a pet cockatiel. I named him Summer. He is about 5 months old now. When I got him from the pet store, he was completelt untamed, and would hiss, screetch and bite. Now, I have almost fully tamed him, and he will step up onto my hand or finger, but only when he gets some food. He eats popcorn too, he loves it! I make some unbuttered popcorn and he chews on it.

Summer is a young pearl cockatiel, so he would look the same as a female, but unlike females, he is vocal, and chirps to the other birds outside. I am going to teach him to talk hopefully. He loves music, too! He likes to knock down the branches in his aviary, as well as his food dish and fountain water feeder, which now has three cracks in it. He eats apple, but the seeds are poisonous for birds. He hasn’t moulted yet, but if I am right, and he is male, he will change feather colour to the ‘traditional’ grey and yellow colour.

More Dragon Pictures

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I drew some dragon pictures. They are mine.

Dragon Picture

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Another dragon picture on GIMP that I made.

The Prophecy of Skar: A Midnight Wish

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 Chapter 1


Skar trotted through the lush, grassy meadow. Willow trees stood with their leaves swaying in the cool breeze. A small pond reflected the dark orange-red light of the bright sunset, and the three moons started to rise above the peaks of the distant mountains.

Skar started racing through the meadow, her steel-hard talons gripping the earth, and her bright yellow scales glinting orange in the intense light. She felt the wind rustle her large, shining silver wings that reflected the orange light of the sinking sun. Electrical power coursed through her body.

Skar was glad to be a dragon.

Skar leaped into the air, and flapped her powerful wings twice, until she was airborne. The now strong tailwind forced her through the air towards the Valley of Quartz, where clusters of beautiful gems glittered brightest in the light of the three moons.

There were other dragons elsewhere, but most were enslaved by a huge, black and purple dragon called Phantom, who had a huge tower for a lair on an island far out west at sea. Phantom had a black heart as well as black scales, and stole the freedom of the other dragons and gave himself reign over the lands. But some dragons had hidden, and had survived the days that the huge shadow of the black dragon covered the lands, blocking out the sun, and imprisoning whatever dragons he could find.

Skar was a quite young dragon, and still quite small, by dragon standards. She could harness the unpredictable power of lightning, and the same wild power of the lightning flowed through her body like an overflowing river in the spring. Whilst fighting, she could send volts of electricity through her very talons, scales and even her sharp silver fangs.


Skar approached the vast, deep Valley of Quartz, where she could already see the glittering of the moonlight reflecting off the many clusters of crystals. Skar sighed in awe. The moons were all full, and at their brightest, and the gems below cast off different colours of lights, some casting bright rainbows across the sparkling water of the silent river, which flowed through the centre of the valley.  A flock of about half a dozen owls flew across the valley hunting for their prey of fish and mice, their wings flapping their wings as silently as the sparkling clear water of the flowing river below.

All creatures could communicate, but the owls were a quiet, shy race of creatures; they hardly even took notice of any other creature, let alone have a conversation with one. Skar had tried to greet one before, but the owl just stared at her as if she had said something strange.


Skar’s home was at the top of one of the many cliffs bordering the edge of the valley. There were three large stone walls sheltering the clearing, and there was also a small cave at the very back of the clearing, where Skar slept.

I’ll fly around the valley for a while, Skar thought to herself. She soared over willow trees, with their branches slightly swaying, just like in the meadow she had just left. The bright moonlight shone down on Skar’s glimmering scales. Cliffs bordered the valley to her left and her right, and a waterfall far away to the north of the valley, where Skar was facing, kept the river flowing, even on the most scorching hot summer days. The waterfall was fed by the melting snow on the mountain that towered up into the clouds, where even on a cloudless day; mist obscured the summit of the great mountain. Skar thought that there might be dragons living up there, as Phantom didn’t raid up there.

Suddenly, Skar noticed a faint, red glow down by the river. It was now too dark to see much, so Skar electrified her scales, illuminating the darknes around her. She glided down toward the red light, and lighted down a few metres away from it. She silently crept towards it, until it was more visible. It was a black dragon, with blood-red scales on his stomach, and the same intense red on his horns, wings and tail-blade. All of his other scales were darker than a moonless night, and he was facing away from Skar, luckily, because his claws looked sharp enough to slice open stones, and his razor-sharp fangs had blood-stains on them.

Suddenly, without warning, the black dragon twisted and leapt at Skar, his fangs bared, ready to tear off Skar’s scales. Skar opened her mouth, ready to shoot a bolt of lightning at the dragon, but already he had hit Skar, and had his talons digging into her shoulders. Skar electrified her scales; shooting lightning from her mouth was no use at sort range. The black dragon was stunned, but only for a few seconds, until he latched his fangs onto Skar’s throat. He let go of her throat, though, and leapt up to tear her wings with his talons. But Skar saw him try, and leapt up into the air to safety. She rapidly flapped her large wings, gaining altitude, until finally she could escape to the bordering cliffs.

Skar glanced back at the dragon, and saw with horror that he too was jumping into the air, and was now flying at a fast speed. As a result, Skar doubled her speed, heavily straining the muscles in her shoulders. She suddenly, mysteriously felt weak, but she was almost at the cliffs. Skar turned her head once more and saw that the black dragon was slowing down, but only a little. His wings were quite smaller than Skar’s, but could as a result move a lot faster. Skar saw the edge of the cliff a few wing-lenghs ahead, so she simply glided down, and grasped the thick grass.

It was now almost midnight, the moons shining their light down onto the ground below. Skar felt so weak now that she could hardly stand on her paws, but she had cut off the electricity running through her scales to hide herself in the darkness, and quickly stalked over to the shadows at the back of the cliff and crouched as low as she could, hoping that the enemy dragon could not see her. She saw the shadowed black and red shape glide in and land on his light paws onto the soft ground. To Skar’s dismay, he had his bright red eye fixed on her, as he only had one left eye, the other had three long gashes running down it, and was closed. Skar was too weak to fight, so she just lay in the shadows and braced herself for the attack. But none came. The black dragon crept slowly foward, but there was no malice showing in his eye, only coldness. Skar shrank back into the shadows in fear. She felt faint. Her vision clouded, and the black dragon started talking, but Skar had already drifted into unconsciousness.

Wish the Dragon

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This is my dragon picture. The dragon is called Wish. He is a wyvern, having only two legs. Wish is in my story that I am writing, which I might post, sooner or later. Or when I can be bothered to write some more chapters.

I drew this picture alone, no help, so it is COMPLETELY owned by me, so do NOT steal the design, or anything.

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